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We are pleased to inform you that our company has tied up with the European based digital platform called CredoWeb.

CredoWeb is a new generation innovative and INTEGRATED DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS platform created specifically keeping Pharma/Healthcare Companies' interests in mind to enable them to forge personalized, impactful and measurable engagement targeted to Doctors/HCPs or even between HO and Sales Teams for communication or training. Our platform was conceived and built in Europe with total regulatory compliance and is used not just by the most renowned global pharmaceutical giants but also by several leading regional European pharmaceutical companies.

Further, the connectivity with Doctors has come to a serious halt due to the lockdown. With the field force grounded, physical calls have been stalled; customer touch points lost and participation in group events like conferences, symposia, CME gatherings, etc. are simply out of sight. For overcoming such grave limitations in reaching out and engaging customers, CredoWeb presents new technological solutions to reach out/engage with HCPs and customers in a DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT.

Key Offerings:
  • UNIQUE differentiation tools like BRANDED Messaging/Chat and VIRTUAL EVENTS* go significantly beyond the traditional webinar/webcast with no equivalent in India.

    *VIRTUAL EVENTS are highly INTERACTIVE AND DIFFERENTIATED 4-week long enriching scientific doctor discussion events invoking Doctors to participate with FULL FLEXIBILITY using chosen access mode at their chosen date, time, place and also allowing them to raise queries and get moderated responses.

  • ONE INTEGRATED PLATFORM to manage targeted, interactive and integrated digital communications with Doctors/HCPs, patients and institutions via diverse tool-sets AUDIO/VIDEO CONFERENCING, LIVE WEBCAST, MODULAR SELF-PACED E‑LEARNING, CORPORATE / THERAPY E‑NEWSLETTERS, SURVEYS ETC.

  • Facilitates totally FLEXIBLE engagements to help get frequent and longer attention of Doctors/HCPs allowing to build a closer, impactful and personalized relationship.

  • For remotely located doctors/HCPs not being covered / very infrequently covered by MR’s - INCREASING TOUCH POINTS and engagement levels.

  • For SALES TEAM - VIRTUALLY conducting Cycle Strategy / Review Meetings, Medical / New Product Launch Training.

  • Our insightful ANALYTICS based on reach, frequency, involvement and engagement rate of Doctors can be integrated with in-house sales/Rx/total market data to see the full impact of digital activities on sales.

Differentiating Benefits:
  • READY TO GO as ‘company’s very own’ private, secure, robust corporate messaging platform since nothing is known publicly about campaigns to anyone except participating doctors/HCPs.

  • Our platform offers a smart way to REPEATEDLY USE the content created once (CME/KOL Videos/presentations) to another set of doctors, thereby significantly multiplying the return on investment on content created.

  • Communication is totally secure, offering full flexibility and convenience via cloud-based access with NO device, hardware/software, place or time limitations.

  • All current or past content is personalized and specific to each Doctor/HCP/User and continues to remains under total ownership and control.

  • All content remains available in the cloud for access with only login credentials, facilitating device-independent retrieval and provides full flexibility of anytime anywhere access avoiding the need to worry about storing/preserving the PPT or Videos or other physical/digital content in USB drive/CD, etc.

  • Creating IN-HOUSE desktop digital messaging campaigns are very simple (only basic computer knowledge with a few hours of training)– shortlist the doctor group, choose a ready template for creating the message, add target product visual /message /content link or interactive video/audio calls and it is ready to go – even while travelling.

  • Creating doctor groups is very simple and is a onetime activity. Depending on the campaign target, the same doctor can be grouped in multiple groups based on geography, specialty, product- target or any other criteria one may have in mind.

1-2 minutes videos
  • The Digitalisation of pharma marketing
  • Virtual Events in CredoWeb
  • E-Learning in CredoWeb
  • CredoWeb helps pharma reps
  • Ecopharm and CredoWeb
We can offer the above digital platform as a package along with the tailor-made scientific literature inputs, Visual Aids, Audio Visuals, online certificate courses from various medical associations’ worldwide, etc and patient education as well.

We can be reached at:

Xact Communications
1504, B-wing,
Lake Pleasant, Lake homes,
Powai Vihar, Powai,
Mumbai-400076. INDIA
Cell: +91 9322890003
Tel/Fax: +91 22 28575325
Email: xactcom@gmail.com

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